The purpose of a photo is meant to capture a story. These stories can revolve around a person, place or thing, and can evoke a range of emotions from fear, anger, joy, disgust and/or love. This fact is illustrated when two people looking at the same photograph can have two opposing interpretations. 

Maria aims for her work to depict a certain level of truth and justice. She hopes to encourage thoughtful conversation through this type of storytelling, as the ideas of truth and justice are always up for interpretation. Her desire is to have her work encourages audiences to think outside of their typical ideas and behaviours.


Mudhouse Artist Residency (2019)

Arts Market (2018)

RAW Artists (February 2017)

NORD Magazine (January 2017)

LiikeMag (December 2016)

HUF Magazine (November 2016)

Super Wonder Gallery (October 2016)

CONTACT Photography Festival (2015)

portrait photographer

landscape photographer

nature and wildlife photographer